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Finish Strong 50 Fitness Challenge

We know the end of the year is the hardest time to stick with your fitness goals. We're here to help you push through, stay focused, and start 2024 with more momentum than ever!

October 1 -

December 31

FREE for PHP Members

Progressive Health & Performance


Objective: Complete 50 workouts during the last quarter of the year


- What counts as a workout: Minimum 15 minutes of intentional exercise

- Must check-in/tag PHP on social media

- No more than 2 workouts/week without PHP count towards the challenge

- Non-PHP Workouts must be tracked (Apple watch, HR monitor, etc.)


- Workout 15 - Free Supplement

- Workout 30 - Semi-Private Session Upgrade

- Workout 50 - Exclusive Challenge Shirt

Upgrade to our Finish Strong Gold Package which includes:

✅ Bonus PHP Workouts:

- Saturday hikes and Sunday group workouts (8am)

- Unlimited Peloton rides

✅ Monthly Finish Strong 50 Meal Guides

- Meal plan, recipes, and shopping list

✅ Complimentary Family/Friend Pass to a Bonus PHP Workout

Members - $49/month

Non-Members - $149/month